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"Coach Ellis is a great fit for my son. He and Conner clicked right away. Coach was instrumental in helping Conner make the changes he needed to succeed. His approach at the plate and attitude are all thanks to Coach Ellis."

-David Johnson

Jeffrey's confidence and self-esteem has really gone up. Not to mention his motivation to get better. Showing Jeffrey the basic fundamentals of hitting and working with him has been a great learning experience.

-Jan Weigleb

"The Ellis Baseball Academy has helped my son in so many ways. Derek's coaching has given him such great confidence to where he isn't afraid of the ball and has really helped his hitting. Although my son is only 7 yrs old Coach Derek has a way of coaching him to make him understand things at his level. He has only known Dalton for a short time but he is able to push him and make him realize that he can do it. Now all my son wants to do is play baseball and practice catching pop flys!! The Ellis Baseball Academy is the way to go!!"

-Melissa Moody

"EBA has helped my son threefold in the short time he has been gong there. He has much more confidence as a catcher because he's blocking the ball more successfully and his primary and secondary stances have greatly improved. Secondly, Coach Ellis has taught my son to use his entire body more efficiently while pitching instead of throwing with mostly his arm. Thirdly Coach Ellis was able to recognize small things in his swing to make his bats more consistent. One last note to why we continue to go to Ellis Baseball Academy is that Coach Ellis is a great teacher. My son trusts him and feels like he is gaining something every time he goes."

-Andrea Pendleton

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